Friday, April 11, 2008

Consequences Of Our Outdated Governmental System

I believe our elected government is no longer a true representation of the American citizens needs. I believe our system for electing government lawmakers at every level from local political subdivisions such as township boards, cities, and counties, to state and federal levels are in need of a complete overhaul.

I believe all elected officials should never be allowed to hold more than two terms in office. I believe the US Senate should be limited to two terms of four years each. And, those terms for each senator representing a specific state should not be in the same election as a US President. I believe The U.S. House of Representatives should be elected to no more than two terms in a row and that those terms should be for two years. I believe any lawmaker should have to skip two terms before being eligible to again run for the same office.

I believe the same term limitations should be adopted by each state for their respective state legislative positions. All local and county political subdivisions should have a two term limitation.

I believe by doing the above our government will no longer be stagnant. Special interest groups and professional lobbyists will loose a great deal of the “good old boy” influence currently held with the career politicians holding the same office for years and years. Yes, I am talking about the federal, state, county, city and township officials holding office for 10 or more years. Holding any office for such a long term becomes an office of power and out of touch with the real world we all live in. One must live in private life to get in touch with reality.

Even the most well intentioned elected official at some point becomes closed minded on issues and fails to really represent the will of the people. They end up representing their own agenda, one which is often based on their own special interests or those of lobbying professionals.

My beliefs on this subject mater are based on my 58 years of life experience dealing with local, county, state and federal elected officials. Watching our elected career political officials in action has taught me how corrupt and yielding to special interest groups all levels of government have become. I tell you that you would not believe just how much of your tax dollars are wasted on product procurement based on name brand loyalty. The only way to curb the power of the career political office is to change the person holding the office.

The time has come to put fresh ideas into an old and outdated electorial system. By doing so perhaps we, the American people, can get some controls on our run away petroleum price increases. I say “Enough is Enough” let us make changes and lets make them now!

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