Friday, May 23, 2008

Do Not Vote for any Incumbent This November

If you agree today our Federal Government is corrupt and controlled by power hungry career politicians then lets change the Federal Government. Democracies of other countries have the ability to vote a no confidence in Government which removes the leaders and requires new elections. We have seen this in Canada and Israel.

The Federal Government of the United States of America has no such provisions. The reason is because we are not a Democracy, we are a Republic. The good news is as a nation, you can do something to change our elected government officials at the local, state and federal levels .

This November put aside your political party loyalty. Instead, vote for the person running against the incumbent. If we do this we will change the face of government officials bent on the power their seniority holds. A new person taking the office will have a fresh view on issues affecting all of us. A new person elected to office hopefully will not yet be corrupt; therefore, should be more willing to vote against issues backed by special interest groups. Most of these special interest groups are well versed on how gain a win for their cause by lining the pockets of long time incumbents.

The long time incumbents have the knowledge and power to stop progress and changes the newly elected bring to their respective offices.

It must make you angry when you hear about officials of our government getting caught taking money from big companies. An example of this happened just a few months ago when ATT paid three congressmen $200,000 to go against Google in a recent auction of airwaves for new cell phone frequencies.

My point is not just the Big 5 Oil Companies control our elected officials, but, many lobbyists have been successful at doing the same thing. This leaves only one action we as a voting nation can do.

This November vote for the person running against an incumbent. Then in two years do it again and again and again until all the power held by a few is gone. At that point we should have a new government without all the baggage the incumbents bring to their respective offices.

With a new government body in place it should have the ability to clean up all the Federal Agencies. The political appointed upper management are power hungry, defiant, and work against the American Public. These appointees often remain in place from one administration to the next gaining more power and the temptation to use it to also benefit special interest groups.

One example of this would be the Veterans Administration, which pays it's employees bonuses based on the number of cases they finalize. By that I mean when a veteran files for service related disability benefits. The case agent assigned gets a bonus based on the number of cases processed each reporting period. It does not matter if they rule in favor of the veteran or deny the veterans claim. The case agent gets the credit for handling the claim. It is far easier for the agent to deny a veteran's case than to spend time to investigate the evidence and grant disability benefits to the veteran. The experienced case agent knows 80% of denied claims are never appealed. And, even if the Veteran does appeal the case the original agent still gets the credit for closing a case. It is a very bad system. Many Veterans are cheated from benefits for disabilities acquired while fighting for our freedom.

If you were to take the time to investigate any of the federal agencies most likely the same scenario will be repeated over and over again.

Enough is Enough - Vote for Change

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